Diary of a Piano Girl

THE CONCERT - Songs, Stories, Seven Continents

Singer, pianist, songwriter and international entertainer, Robyn McCorquodale performs in Diary of a Piano Girl, a Multi-Media Presentation Featuring Songs, Stories and Seven Continents!

A concert that premiered at the Orpheum Annex in Vancouver before heading to New York City, Diary of a Piano Girl  is more than music ... it is one woman's inspiring and entertaining journey that features uplifting music with positive and meaningful messages, engaging storytelling of real life adventures, with video footage and photos to enhance the presentation and experience.

Robyn's original songs fuse elements of jazz, pop, blues and country. Her classical roots further blend a contemporary pop style that is uniquely Robyn. Her lyrics celebrate the mystery and joy of life and love, while acknowledging the fears and challenges that can ultimately lead us to achieve our dreams and realize our great potential.

To create this very unique presentation, a mini-travelogue of her life, Robyn draws from a wealth of experiences and conversations she’s had traveling as a solo performer around the world. Since her first professional engagement singing for the richest man in the world in Southeast Asia, other adventures include going behind the veil in Iran, landing on magnificent ice glaciers in pristine Antarctica, climbing sand dunes in Namibia, walking through the cradle of civilization in Egypt, exploring exquisite beauty in the remote Marquesas, and so much more spanning all seven continents. Robyn expresses her insights about life in musical poetry and beautiful imagery sharing her captivating journey.


Diary of a Piano Girl LIVE in NEW YORK CITY!

The Laurie Beechman Theatre
407 West 42nd Street, NYC

April 8, 14, 22 & 28

Also Featuring:
Peter Calo (guitar)
Ritt Henn (bass)
Chris Marshak (drums)

Diary of a Piano Girl
Orpheum Annex

823 Seymour Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3L4, Canada

Also Featuring:
Daryl Jahnke (Guitar)
Brian Newcombe (Bass)
Phil Robertson (Drums)
Vince Mai (Multiple Inst)
Charlene Jewel (Vocals)