Diary of a Piano Girl


"Music distinguished by a vivacious optimism and her assured voice.” ~ Tom Harrison, The Province

Vocalist, pianist and songwriter, Robyn McCorquodale is more than a credited musician and international entertainer. She’s an inspired artist with a story to share. Her music is uplifting and powerful. Her lyrics are relevant and meaningful. Her storytelling is thoughtful and engaging. She’s on a journey of adventure and personal growth discovering jewels of wisdom on seven continents: "Insightful lyrics ... impressive vocal delivery ... delightful story songs" ~ Mark Anthony Brennan, BC Musician Magazine

In her latest album, Sleep With Angels, Robyn continues to document her journey, literally and figuratively. She's a woman with passion, dreams and an unyielding desire to explore life and create meaningful music that touches hearts, uplifts souls and empowers minds: “Powerful … uplifting … engaging … journeyman’s gift for songwriting and expressing the human heart ... enchanted voice … deeply profound album … winner on every level” ~ John Hoglund, Cabaret Scenes, NYC

In Sleep With Angels, Robyn fuses elements of jazz, pop, blues and country. Her formal training as a classical musician, with Certificates from The Royal Conservatory of Music and a Music Degree from the University of British Columbia, further blends a contemporary pop style that is uniquely Robyn. With empowering lyrics and infectious melodies and grooves performed by her graceful dulcet tones, her compelling messages sing out with heartfelt enthusiasm. Skilled with her signature piano stylings and a vocal richness and skill that performs intimate whispers to dynamic passion, she is very much her own artist: “Her wealth of talents: a strong yet nuanced singing voice; colorful, jazz-flavored piano work; innate charm; intelligence and good spirits"

 ~ Peter Haas, Cabaret Scenes, NYC

With a career that began singing for one of the richest men in the world in Southeast Asia, and has since led to shows in New York City, Hong Kong and beyond, this Vancouver native is excited to perform at home and beyond to share her musical journey that has taken her around the world: "No one writes and sings uplifting songs as beautifully as Robyn McCorquodale … gorgeous songs … uplifting and inspiring … positive and hopeful energy … performer extraordinaire … an exquisite show and experience from start to finish!!” ~ Skyy Powers, She-Boom! CFRO Radio 100.5 FM

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CREDITS: Words & Music by Robyn McCorquodale. Filmed, Directed and Edited by Nima Mohseni. Filmed at Blue Wave Studios and in Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.